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Index Medicolegal prides itself on working with the very best in field medical Experts who uphold high quality standards, in line with the Index brand.

We have over 70 exceptional specialists who are leaders in their fields of expertise and we are continually expanding our team.

Our specialists value our integrity, independence and top-quality support. If you are a medical specialist interested in joining our panel of respected Experts to provide independent opinions to reputable national and international organisations, then get in touch to learn more.

Training & Mentoring

Are you looking to gain professional recognition and build your reputation?

Whether you are completely new to medicolegal reporting or wishing to improve your medicolegal reporting skills, we can assist you. Through our experienced panel of medical Experts, experienced in house editors and legal reviewers we can ensure that your opinion is both Courtworthy, trusted and wholly independent.

Diversifying your career with a medicolegal skillset can be incredibly rewarding, opening up greater opportunity, building your reputation in your field, and enable you to contribute in a different way.

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Professionally Rewarding

Gain Recognition

Enhance your Reputation

Broaden your Network

Seize New Opportunities

Financially Worthwhile


Join Index Medicolegal’s team of specialists and you will get access to the following learning and development opportunities.

Are you suitable to be a medicolegal Expert?

For the purposes of providing independent medical opinion an Expert is someone who is qualified by examination, experience or peer review. Therefore, to provide an independent medical opinion, medical specialists in current clinical practice are eminently suitable to provide independent Expert opinions.

Why join the medicolegal world?

“I wanted to move into the medicolegal space to broaden my experience as a pain physician, be exposed to different practices and develop an ethics and law interest. Ultimately, I still love clinical work though.”

Dr. JE

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Medicolegal Training & Education

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