Dr Andrew Dawson



Area: Pharmacology, Toxicology

Dr Dawson is a Senior Staff Specialist in Clinical Toxicology at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and the New South Wales Poisons Information Centre. 

Dr Dawson has been a medical practitioner with 43 years’ experience in the public and private sector a researcher and an author of scientific articles. 

Dr Dawson has provided external expert opinion in medico-legal, criminal and coronial cases for 25 years including advising international manufacturers with regarding chemical contamination advice.  

Qualifications and Fellowships 

  • Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery 1980 
  • Member Royal College of Physicians (U.K.)1984 
  • Fellow Royal Australian College of Physicians 1989 
  • Diploma Clinical Epidemiology 1990 
  • Fellow Royal College of Physicians (Edin) 1996 
  • Fellow Ceylon College of Physicians 

Professional Affiliations 

  • Royal College of Physicians (Edinburgh) 
  • Fellow Ceylon College of Physicians 
  • Australian Society of Clinical and Experimental Pharmacologists and Toxicologists 
  • European Association of Poison Centres & Clinical Toxicologists 
  • American College of Medical Toxicology 
  • Asia Pacific Association of Medical Toxicology 
  • The Indian Society of Toxicology 

Current Positions 

  • Senior Staff Specialist in Clinical Toxicology, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital (RPA) and NSW Poison Information Centre (PIC) 
  • Member hospital working groups into root cause analysis and standing committees (RPA Drug and Therapeutics Committee) 
  • Telephone consultations to assist in care of Clinical Toxicology patients (RPA,PIC) 

Previous Positions 

  • Director and Researcher South Asian Clinical Toxicology Research Collaboration (SACTRC) while based in Sri Lanka 

Areas of Clinical Expertise 

  • Clinical Toxicology, Addiction and Substance use 
  • Integrated delivery of care for self- harm patients 
  • Medical  Director of the NSW poison centre 
  • Education interventions in remote hospitals to improve clinical care 
  • Reduction in self-harm 
  • Establishment and running complex research programs 

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Dr Andrew Dawson

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